School year 2023-2024

At LEK, we place a strong emphasis on recruiting and retaining the best and most qualified staff. Our diverse and qualified team play a crucial role in creating a nurturing environment that promotes holistic development and sets the stage for future success. Our skilled staff come from both Finland and abroad. They all have strong English skills and are committed to:

Understanding developmental stages and individual needs

Providing personalized attention and tailored learning experiences

Establishing a foundation for lifelong learning

Supporting social and emotional development

Ensuring health, safety, and well-being

Fostering partnerships with families

Sharing a love of the English language with young children

Amy Shook

Managing Director
Amy is originally from the USA where she worked as an educator in museums, primary schools, and a university. She has been with LEK since 2018. Amy holds a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education and Care and is a qualified ECEC & Preschool Teacher in Finland.


ECEC Teacher Kittens Language(s): English & Finnish Basic: Swedish & French
Hanna was raised in a bilingual home, in an international community in Finland. She holds a degree in social services which qualifies her as an ECEC Teacher. Hanna loves being creative with kids.


ECEC Caregiver Kittens Language(s): English, Finnish & Russian
Jane is originally from Russia but has lived in Finland for 28 years. She has a basic degree in Child & Family work. Jane is a calming and comforting presence in the classroom.


ECEC Caregiver Cats Language(s): English Intermediate: Finnish
Edith is from South Africa originally, where she worked in business and finance. Now living in Finland, Edith changed her profession and earned a degree as a practical nurse after discovering a passion for working with children.


ECEC Caregiver Cats Language(s): English & Sinhalese
Dinesha is originally from Sri Lanka where she studied Business Management at university. She worked in banking and management for 17 years. Dinesha began working as a substitute at LEK in 2022 at which point, she discovered her true calling and love for ECEC. She is gentle, creative, and loves making crafts with kids.


ECEC Caregiver Pups Language(s): English, Finnish & Swedish
Tuija holds a basic degree in Child & Family work. She's been working professionally with children for over 6 years. Her hobbies include arts and crafts and we are looking forward to seeing her creativity in action in the classroom.


ECEC Teacher Dogs & Kennel Club Language(s): English Basic: Finnish
Kem is a qualified ECEC & Preschool Teacher. She was an owner/director of a daycare in Washington State, USA for many years. Kem moved to Finland in 2008. She creates a playful and warm classroom environment.


ECEC Caregiver Kittens Language(s): English,


Kitchen & Housekeeping Language(s): English & Sinhalese
Shammi worked in the pharmaceutical industry in his home country of Sri Lanka as Field Manager. He enjoys fitness and spending time in the gym. Now at LEK, he makes sure that our children have healthy meals and a clean environment. He’s always looking for new recipes to try and we greatly appreciate his kind and flexible nature


Civil Servant
Language(s): English & Finnish

Additionally, we have 1 to 2 Interns.

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