We offer various day care possibilities:

Juniors, ages 3-4

Full time daycare

Seniors, ages 4-5

Full time daycare

Afternoon Care

Preschoolers and 1st graders

Juniors, ages 3-4

Your child’s first rich English experience begins at age 3 (4) in the Junior group at The English Kindergarten of Lahti. Also, the second year “pupils” help new children to get used to the language.

Their adventure begins with language immersion through daily routines, teaching and play.

Your child begins to learn how to be a member of a large group, make new friends and share. Your child’s individuality is reinforced and supported with age appropriate activities. English is taught and supported through music, rhymes, stories, role play, craft and small group teaching.

Our learning experiences are based on a monthly and a weekly theme. For example, a water theme, throughout the week, we read books and look at pictures about water (rain, lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans). Where does water come from? In our water center we play in pairs and on Toy Day we bring our own water toy. In small groups we each make a boat to float in the water. We also visit the local swimming hall with half of the group. Our thematic words are taught and reinforced during that week and beyond.

We provide a safe and secure environment for your child to grow as an individual and a responsible member of our community.

Seniors, ages 4-5

Children continue after Junior group or start fresh in the Senior group usually at the age of 4 to 5. In the Senior group we provide a safe, secure and welcoming learning environment for the children to grow as an individual and a responsible member of our community. Senior teachers use only English when communicating with the children, and the children are encouraged to use their English in practice. The group always has a native English-speaking teacher who among two other teachers help the children to build their vocabulary. Also, the second year “pupils” help new children to get used to the language. We encourage the children to experience the world around them by using all their senses; looking, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.

We are teaching for example the basic values like accepting differences, taking others into consideration and good manners. In addition, free play is an important part of the daily schedule of the Senior group because we see it as a natural way of child’s social as well as other skills to develop.

In many activities we divide the group in two smaller groups. That way it’s possible for us to give more attention to each child. Smaller groups also provide the children a better chance to concentrate on their own work and learning.

For every month we have a theme, for example animals. This theme is taught weekly in smaller sections, such as farm animals. On Mondays the children can bring their own toy to the Kindergarten to play with. On Tuesdays the children are learning the theme through preschool and on Wednesdays we have music. On Thursdays we use craft/art to study our present subject. Fridays are sport days when the children get to practice their gross motor skills through playful exercises both inside in the Mustankallio Tunnel (gymnasium) and outside in the park. Occasionally we visit the local swimming hall. Sibelius hall, theater, movies and museums.

Afternoon Care
(Preschoolers and 1st graders)

Afternoon group provides afternoon care and activities for preschoolers and first graders in English speaking environment. First graders and most of the preschoolers come from the Tiirismaan English classes but we also receive few children from Onnelantien pre-school. Children who come from Onnelantie should however have basic skills in English.

Children who attended our Kindergarten groups before pre-school are in first position when applying for afternoon group, but we have room for few new kids every year.

Teachers speak only English and the children are also encouraged to use their English. Afternoon group gives support to children with their English studies at Tiirismaan English classes and help children in Finnish pre-school (Onnelantie) to maintain and develop their English.

Afternoon group begins right after school giving children the opportunity to spend their afternoon safely under adult supervision and in the company of other children. We pick the children up from school.

Our weekly program consists of different kind of activities that include craft and project work (felting, painting), music (rhymes, songs), sport (Mustankallion tunnel, games) and free play. We also spend time playing outside every day.

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