Fees as of 3.4.2023


ECEC Service Vouchers (Lahti)

Our early childhood education and care fees are 75€ monthly in addition to the amount that you would pay at a public daycare. This only applies to residents of Lahti who apply for service vouchers. Total costs range between 50-370€ per month and are based on income. Learn more about service vouchers through


Preschool Age Children (Prices for Lahti)

Full-time activities that replace & achieve the goals of pre-primary education & supplementary early childhood education over 35+ hours/week (7.00– 17.00)

Parent’s Fee is €390/month + Kela private care support €70,75 + Municipal supplement €450 = €910,75


Afternoon ECEC that compliments & supplements pre-primary education (12.00-17.00)

Pick-up from Tiirismaa Preschool Parent’s Fee is €190.00/month + Municipal allowance €450 + Kela private care support €70,75 = €710,75


The parent’s fee for preschool age children is eligible for a 50% discount for one child if a sibling also attends LEK

Application form

You may apply to the Lahti English Kindergarten with the application form below.

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